Outfit Details Vest- Mahjinwong Shorts- H&M Shoes- Gucci Bag- Chanel

I attended brand like Ming marketing seminar in Atlanta, Georgia. It was really inspirational I learned so much (I’ll share with u later) Their were a panel of speakers; Ms. Bling Miami, Just Mike, Ming Lee, Andrel Harris & Karen Civil Let me start by saying I always wanted to know what Karen Civil’s job actually entailed. I always was a fan of her work ethic and the name she built for herself but I never knew exactly what it was she did. Now I finally have an depth answer….. Digital marketer. She’s responsible for innovating the game of websites. She helped lil Wayne connect with his fans while in jail by creating a website for him to interact with them. The website hit 4 million views in 1 hour. How cool is that. Ms bling Miami is so dope what stuck out most was when she said instead of trying to date that n!gga with the Bentley I became that nigga with Bentley. Ladies you won’t need a baller if you are a baller This was inspiration and motivation for me because as woman growing up society teaches us the type of guys to fall for instead of teaching us the type of woman to become. When you have your own you won’t need guy you’d just want him and then you won’t have to settle. And two she got a Bentley from doing something she loves, how cool is that Seeing her makes me believe it’s obtainable. Ming Lee dominated the hair game and owned it, from her marketing strategies, to her dope visual advertisements she has definitely changed the game.