Q: Hi Tanay, so my first question for you is how do you make your dreams a reality?

A: Well, to make my dreams a reality I just continue to push each day. I have just began putting my work to use and am currently working with Freda Gatz from the hit Fox show Empire.
Q: Wow, Freda Gatz! What is it like working with her, and how did this connection become possible?
A: Honestly I love it. She’s amazing and it’s been giving me the hands on experience needed to actually get where I want to go. I was able to get connected with Freda because we had actually attended the same high school.
Q:Your clearly starting your career off in the right direction, and I was just wondering if you could see yourself styling any rap artists in you future career ?
A: I definitely can see myself getting involved with different genres of people, but as of now I’m mainly into styling females; I feel like I know exactly how females want to feel in thier clothing. Maybe one day I’ll start to get involved with male styling, it’s definitely a possibility.
Q: What can we expect from Tanay Brown in the future?
A: Well I have a lot of things that I want to work on. I’m actually looking into opening a children’s boutique in 2016 with my business partner Jacqueline Tucker, who is actually the wife of Jahlil Beats.
Q:Why a children’s boutique?
A: Well I have two kids a daughter Paige and my son Zayd. I always style their outfits before they leave the house. I just find styling enjoyable and I love it.
Q: So what massage would you send to someone trying to make their dreams a reality; such as you are doing?
A: My message to them would be to NEVER let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Always follow your heart and always carry faith in what it is you do. If it’s something that you love doing, go for it!
Check out some of the great looks Tanay puts together by checking her out via social media @Nayiselle_ Hopefully her story leads you to making your dreams a reality!