Q: Hey Leen Bean, first I want to say congrats on taking home some trophies from the “We Run The Streets Indie Awards” you have definitely been on the move and you deserve every bit of what is coming your way. I want to jump right in and ask you how are you making your dreams a reality?
A: Yes I did, thank you for the love and shout out to Ant from “We Run the Streets” and Gi Gi much love to them… But I think that my dreams are made into reality each day when I work on perfecting my craft and doing what it is I love the most; and that’s making relatable music.

Q: It’s amazing to see a young women strive, and take charge in such a male dominated industry. How do you feel about females in the rap game?
A: Well I personally don’t listen to other female rappers but Nicki Minaj; she gives you lyrics to think about sometimes where other female rappers in our generation today are saying anything. I’m the type of artist that likes to add meaning to my work, as a female rapper in this industry I plan to send meaningfulness in my music; and gain my respect as not only a lyricist but a female lyricist.

Q: Why music, what about it excites you?
A: I have always had love for music. Just being able to transfer my energy on to others is what does it for me. I feel if I stay prayed up and continue to focus on the bigger picture my music will continue to grow. I honestly believe I am “The Kid With a gift”

Q: What motivates you to keep chasing you dream?
A: Well honestly my true motivation is my family. I know I have my mom looking down on me from heaven and staying prayed up is what keeps me hungry & ready to get exactly what I came for.

Q: What message would you send to those trying to make their dreams a reality?
A: First off I would want to tell everybody to most definitely stay prayed up. Don’t let anyone try to talk you out of your dream and what you love. Continue to pray and strive and everything else will began to fall into place.
You can catch hot new music out by Leen Bean via social media @Thekidwiththegift. Definitely check her out, hopefully her story inspires you to make your dream a reality, it definitely inspires us.