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By: Sage Reeds

We know she’s a mogul, we know she’s a mama, we know she’s a fashion icon, and we know she runs a fashion empire. But did you know that she LOVES Hot Funyuns? Do you know her biggest pet peeves? 

Today marks nine years since Milan Rouge stepped out on faith and launched her luxury streetwear apparel line, Milano Di Rouge. On November 11, 2012, she prayed, asked God to order her steps and opened her business with two t-shirts and a big dream. Nine years later, Milano Di Rouge is a multi-million dollar brand that dominates in its space, keeps all hustlers fly and inspires everyone to make their dreams reality. 

I had a chance to sit with our boss lady to ask 9 random questions about the little things that make her Milan. Here’s what she had to say: 

Interviewer: This might be the most important question of the interview. When it’s time to get your hair done, do you like a side part or a middle part?

Milan: Middle part. I love a good side part too, but my go-to is a middle part.  

Interviewer: Hot Cheetos or Funyuns?

Milan: *laughs* Hot Funyuns even though my followers DM me all the time telling me to stop eating that stuff because it has an ingredient that causes cancer. So, I try to limit myself, but it be calling my name sometimes. 

Interviewer: What’s your pet peeve?

Milan: When I have to touch the gas pump with my bare hands. I be trying to find trash bags, napkins and gloves to use because there are so many germs on those things. If I can’t find anything to cover my hands with, I have the yucky face the whole time. Oh and another pet peeve is people talking about other people thinking it’s a bonding tool. When people come around me doing that, I shut it down. I don’t allow it. 

Interviewer: What’s your hidden talent? 

Milan: *laughs* I can sang! I’m joking. I’ve always thought I was talentless, but someone told me that my hidden talent is that I work hard since a lot of people don’t have the ability to work hard and be consistent with it.   

Interviewer: You always say you can’t cook, so what’s one thing that you love to eat that you can’t cook yourself?

Milan: Chicken cheesesteaks. I just learned to make them though. 

Interviewer: Lipgloss or lipstick?

Milan: Lipgloss. I have really chapped lips, so baby I need gloss all the time. I need them thangs to stay moisturized. 

Interviewer: Heels or kicks?

Milan: Sneakers. No, wait. Heels. I’ma go with heels because they can take an outfit from cute to fly. 

Interviewer: If you didn’t own a business, what would you be doing for work? 

Milan: Hmmm. I would be a teacher. I would teach like 5th or 6th grade because at that age, you can really mold kids and impact their minds and their life. If that wasn’t an option, I would teach high school kids. If they were bad, I would pull them in, do cool shit with them, inspire them and prep them for life.  

Interviewer: Last question. When you’re getting dressed, what’s the order? Makeup, hair or clothes first? 

Milan: Clothes because I don’t have much of an option. I can’t do my own makeup. Like at all. So, it has to be clothes. My hair is usually already done. 

Happy 9th Anniversary, Milano Di Rouge!