With hard work, diligence Milan has constructed her brand from the very beginning.  She continues to invest in ways to bettering her brand, and reputation as a whole. Most importantly with dominating social media along with creating and growing business relationships to broaden her audience.
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In The Spotlight: Milan Rouge

Milan focuses on herself and building her own brand, but also supports other brands as well. “I don’t really look at the competition as competition. I just look at them as another person trying to make it,” she admitted. “Maybe the difference between me and them is [that] I’m so passionate and I’m so focused on my brand that I don’t really notice other things, but I do salute hard work.” She also focuses on quality work and good customer service for her clientele, and it definitely shows!
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Milano Di Rouge: The High Road Fashion Show

Last Sunday, I attended the Milano Di Rouge, The High Road, fashion show and birthday celebration for the 26 year old designer.  It was absolutely inspiringly, beautiful from the venue to the performances, and without a doubt the collection. We left Milano‘s show wanting more!
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Milano Di Rouge

Behind The Design: Milano Di Rouge, Philadelphia

“My brand helped me to be a more positive person. I believe you can get much further with a positive attitude. And I’m the type of person to look at the glass half full versus the glass half empty.”

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Style Highlight: Milano Di Rouge

I always wanted to be a girly girl. The girl that gets dressed up every day and wear heels all the time lol. But that never worked out for me. I’d say my personal style is random but basic. I wear my clothes based on how I feel. I can wear Timberland boots or heels, a bodycon dress or sweat suit. I love shopping in the men’s department. And recently I discovered my love for a nice fitted suit. So I’ll be adding them to my wardrobe. 
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Milano Di Rouge

Milano Di Rouge x The High Road 2015

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Last night I attended the official launch of Milan Rouge's blog and her brand Milano Di Rouge. I have to say I was impressed! The event was a major success!!! I had the pleasure of interviewing the beautiful Milan during the event as we stood in the lobby of  Industry XIX  &  discussed her position in the industry, how long she has been going hard, and her excitement about her recent accomplishments!! Relive the night by clicking the link and find more photo's as well as the full interview inside!!
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