The Importance Of Forgiving Reading Coupled 'N Quarantined? Milano's Relationship Tips And Hacks 2 minutes Next Finding Fulfillment

Quarantining is forcing a lot of us to spend more time with our partners than ever before. Now we have to figure out how to work, parent, and simply get along as we occupy the same space 24/7. If it's rough for you and yours, or if y'all simply want to know how to make quarantining more memorable, see our tips and hacks below:


Communication matters now more than ever. Be comfortable letting your partner know what is annoying to you and be open to hearing about the habits that you have that may be annoying to your partner. Ask for what you want and need. Be extra understanding during this time.

Be Besties

Never underestimate the power of smiling and laughter. Make this a daily habit. Send a funny meme or take a walk down memory lane. A sense of humor can help relieve stress.

Find Time To Be Alone

Schedule alone time. Whether you prefer to enjoy a solo bubble bath or a virtual happy hour with your friends, your time alone will prove to be beneficial to your relationship.

It's The Little Things 

Say ‘goodnight’ every night. It’s the simple things that are going to mean the most.