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While we are encouraged to be alone physically, none of us wants to feel lonely mentally, emotionally or spiritually. If you are feeling lonely, you’re not alone. Truth is, many people aren't who we thought they would be during a time like this. True motives, intentions, and colors are showing and we’re taking it as a blessing in disguise. Direct your attention and energy to personal self-work and make them keep that same energy after all of this is over. Until then, keep your head up and your spirits high. Now is the time to show up for yourself. Do things that benefit you and think thoughts that encourage you. Here’s what we thought of:

Practice Daily Affirmations

We know how powerful our words are. Positive self talk can never be overrated. Remind yourself who you are.

Create A Self-Development Vision Board 

The key here is to focus on visualizing who you want to be, not what you want to have. Manifest the ultimate version of yourself.

Write Your Future Self A Letter

Even though you’re super dope now, you’re only getting better. Tell her everything that's going on now, what you love about yourself now and the things you want to work on. Make her promises you’ll want to keep.