Now is the time to get as creative as possible if you want to meet new people and get to know someone. While we are all used to meeting someone we’re interested in at a networking event, school or work, then scheduling the dinner dates or coffee meet ups, we are all being challenged to think outside of the box and show some additional effort. Take a look at the list below. What things would you consider?

Try Dating Apps

Even though you can’t meet up just yet, there’s nothing wrong with having good conversation and getting to know someone via a dating app. 

Try Virtual Dates

Technology is really coming through! Plan a date and make it happen via FaceTime, Zoom or any other video calling tool.

Send Letters And Gifts

We are going back to the old days with this one. Get a piece of paper and a pen, write a letter and send it in the mail. They’ll love it and they’ll get to hang on to it. 

Spend Hours On The Phone

Does anyone remember the days when this was the usual? Get your conversation starters and questions ready.

Cook Dinner For Him/Her And Drop It Off
This is a gesture that will never go unappreciated. Most single people are tired of cooking at this point, so they’ll be more grateful than you know.

Yes, quarantine makes dating a lot more difficult, but keep hope alive! Your love is out there waiting for you.