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First of all, shout out to all the men still courting and dating with a purpose. Once you find the one, you want to hang on to her and show her why she should stay down with you. Courting isn’t easy, but if done the right way, it is more rewarding than you can imagine. Here are some tips: 

Start With A Friendship

The goal is to get married to your best friend. Be mindful about building a real friendship with your partner. 

Ask Questions

The only way you will get to know someone is if you actually ask questions. Almost nothing is off limits. Just be genuine.

Get To Know Her Friends And Family 

You should grow to know and love the people she knows and loves the most! This will mean a lot to her.

Plan Thoughtful Dates

Show her you know what she likes, get her to try new things, and most importantly, make it memorable.

Compliment Her And Give Gifts

Every woman loves gifts. It doesn't always have to be something big, expensive or extravagant. It’s always the thought that counts.