Mama, this year for Mother’s Day, we want you to do two things. 

First, we encourage you to indulge in all the love you’ll receive. You work so hard, and you hold so much together. Whether you get gifted with a spa day or you get showered with Milano, we want you to relax, unwind, and allow your babies and tribe to celebrate you. Don’t worry about what has to be done and what you have to cross off your to-do list. Mother’s Day is a day for you to fully enjoy, so enjoy it!  

Next and most importantly, we want you to make yourself a promise to make your dreams a reality from this day forward. We want you to commit to doing this by any means necessary. Yes, we know it’s hard. The diaper changes seem endless, the play dates seem to run like clockwork, the grocery store runs and doctor’s appointments are keeping you in a chokehold, and above all, you are TIRED. 

However, as a mom herself, CEO Milan Rouge knows exactly what you’re going through. She also wears many hats and does all the things, so to keep you inspired and to encourage you to go harder, she shared these five tips below: 

  1. Don’t put off your dreams just because you became a parent. Use parenthood as motivation for going even harder to make your dreams a reality.  
  2. Find your happiness. Figure out what you do naturally that makes you happy and do more of that. Kids can tell when their parents are happy.  
  3. After you find your happiness, figure out how you can turn that happiness into a paycheck, or how you can use it to create impact. For example, if being a mom is the main thing that makes you happy, share your best mom tips on Pinterest or start a YouTube channel. You’ll be doing two things at once: Doing what makes you happy and helping other moms. That’s impactful!
  4. Don’t feel the need to compete or alter your dreams just because someone else doesn’t believe in them.
  5. Everyone’s dream isn’t to own a business. Everyone’s dream is different. Don’t feel pressured to have a dream that you don’t want just because people say that your dreams aren’t big enough. 

Bonus: Never forget that you’re a human being! Don’t be defined by labels or gender roles. You can have the life of your dreams.

P.s. Watch this inspiring interview between Milan and Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts. They talk all about dreaming while mommying, finding your passion, the importance of mentorship, and the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. 


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