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Being in a relationship can be hard. But there's one thing that's for sure: Everything in life that is worth having is certainly worth fighting for. There is no manual or rule book and sometimes you may not be sure how to make things better or how to progress the relationship, but we’re here to remind you to keep going! Here are 7 ways to keep the kisses coming, smiles going and happy memories flowing: 

Be Willing To Help

A little always goes a long way. Volunteer to cook one night or to do the dishes. Even if your partner declines the help, the fact that you are willing to help will make anyone feel supported and appreciated.

Actively Listen

Be fully present in every conversation. Too often, we are more focused on how we will respond versus truly hearing what is being said. Be patient with your partner. Don’t assume you know how they feel. Let them tell you.

Show Concern

You won’t always share the same interests, however, there is a difference between caring and liking. You can show your concern and care without actually liking whatever it is in question. 

Lead With Action

One of the truest statements ever said on earth: Actions speak louder than words. Allow your words to be subordinate to your actions. Make your partner feel your love versus just hearing it.

Be Willing To Compromise

Again, when you’re talking about two people working to become one, things are bound to get a little shaky. Compromising balances things out and it allows your partner to get closer to you.

Never Stop Dating

The best part about the initial dating phase is the feelings it brings. When you first start dating someone it feels like bliss. Hold on to this feeling. Capture it and sprinkle it on your relationship from time to time.

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