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A global pandemic can surely change the way you meet people. Chances are, even if you’ve never been on a dating app before, you might have tried one or two in the past couple of months. Have you had any luck? With so many options, left swipes and right swipes, it’s important that you know how to stand out in case you come across someone that you’d like to get to know. Try these one liners and let us know how they work out: 

  • “What’s the last show you binge watched?”
  • “Tell me about the best date you’ve been on.”
  • “What reality TV show would you join the cast of?”
  • “What would your last meal be if you were sentenced to life in prison?”
  • “Best trick to get out of a social event?”
  • “What’s one thing you want to do before the year is over?”
  • “What’s the most romantic destination on your travel list?”
  • “What’s your favorite meme of all time?"