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When we think about love, we tend to think of romantic love, however love is universal and should be present in all aspects of our lives. Loving your community is essential right now. It is important that we love our neighbors and our community in the same way we love ourselves. Here are some ways to do this: 

Engage In Conversation

No matter what goes on in the world, we are still human. Take advantage of every opportunity to showcase humanity, starting off with the small things like saying hello at a safe distance.

Grocery Shopping And Other Errands

If you’re healthy and able to make essential store runs, volunteer to do so for some of your elderly or other at-risk neighbors.

Create A Community Conversation Forum

If you’re a tech and social savvy person, why not create a FB group or GroupMe chat to facilitate important community conversation? This will come in handy for sure!


There’s almost always an opportunity to volunteer and help out in some way or another. If not preparing meals, maybe teaching children or donating your time.

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