It is our duty as a human race to speak out and stand up when a specific group of people are being oppressed or otherwise taken advantage of. You must believe that you have the power to make a difference, and we’re here to remind you of this! Your voice will speak volumes for those whose voices seem to fall on deaf ears. Here's how you support oppressed groups:

Ask Questions

Ignorance is bliss, except for when the world is depending on you. Educate yourself and ask questions to test your understanding.

Don’t Judge

It is easy to pass judgment on something you don’t fully understand. This can happen subconsciously. Try to catch yourself. 

Use Your Voice And/Or Privilege 

Silence is dangerous, especially if you are a person of privilege. Leverage your position in society and speak up for what is right.

Follow The Golden Rule

When all else fails, simply treat people how you want to be treated. Never turn a blind eye to the wrong doings of a group of people just because you are not experiencing oppression.