This year has been full of the unknown, and with your birthday coming up, you're probably wondering how to celebrate. Foregoing a celebration is never an option, so it's time to get in the group chat and get your creative juices flowing with your crew. Keeping safety at the top of your mind, see what you and your friends can come up with. If you can't come up with anything, here are some ideas to consider: 

Backyard Brunch

If weather permits, opting for an outside gathering allows for proper social distancing, and besides, everyone loves brunch. Consider having 1-2 servers  to minimize the amount of hands that come in contact with the food, and make sure to keep the guest list small and intimate.


The idea here is to shelter in place, but to bring all the activities to you. Whether you’re interested in an at-home sip 'n paint, cooking lessons or spa treatments, you can get a small group together and enjoy these luxuries in the comforts of a comfortable home.

Backyard Movie Night

Pick something newer or opt for classic favorites you know everyone will love. Either way, grab a projector, a screen or sheet, some snacks and drinks, and meet your favorite people in the backyard for a movie night.

Birthday Drive By

The ultimate improvisation and display of creativity. We all loved when these birthday drive by’s went viral on Instagram at the height of COVID-19. These will never get old.