Making Dreams Reality Series: MDR x Paige Hurd

This interview is part of Milano’s Making Dreams Reality Series. Our MDR Series is all about highlighting extremely talented creatives who are bridging the gap between dreams and reality. 


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Paige Hurd, the beloved child actor who has turned into our fave from Power Book II: Ghost is our favorite IT girl over here at Milano. And as part of our new Making Dreams Reality Series, CEO Milan Rouge had a chance to sit and chop it up with her about life as an actress, men sliding all up in her DMs, her biggest dreams, and how she makes them a reality. Ready to sip a lil tea all while being inspired at the same time? Slip into your favorite Milano loungewear and read up: 

MR: I'm just gonna jump right in. So Cradle to the Grave, Everybody Hates Chris, Beauty Shop, Power Book Two [which is] my favorite show by the way. How has everything been? Like how has this journey to making your dreams a reality been? 

PH: It's been difficult. I think there was like a time where I stopped working for a while. And so that was really hard. And just the transition from like the child actor to an adult is also rough, but it's really fulfilling. And I'm really happy that I stayed the course. Cause there were some times where I thought I was just gonna stop. 

MR: Do you think it's rough like having them see you as an adult? 

PH: Yeah. Yeah. I think people still don't realize that I am an adult now. So I still feel like a kid. Like I forget how old I actually am. 

MR: Well because you look good. That's why. So that's a good thing, but I mean, I've seen the videos. I've seen Power Book Two. I don't think you a child in those scenes that I see. *laughs*

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MR: What's your go-to style for like when you're filming long days on set? Like how do you come to work? 

PH: Oh, bum. Bum. So I'm like bum chic. [I’m] real good at that. I got my Crocs, I got my little sweatpants, a hoodie. Everything's oversized. I'm just bumming it out. 

MR: So, comfort. 

PH: Yeah, for sure. Cause then you know, you get hair and makeup. So then when I leave, it’s like, ‘Oh, she’s a cute bum.’

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MR: Besides acting, what else moves you? 

PH: Um, I really wanna work in the special needs community. So kids and young adults with special needs is like really my passion. That's where I'm trying to get to. So eventually, I wanna have like my own organization, my own channel, like a whole TV network dedicated to them. So it's kind of like my goal. 

MR: That's amazing cause I saw that your brother has special needs. That's awesome. I used to work with the mentally disabled. I did that for four years. 

PH: Really? Oh my gosh. You have a lot of patience. 

MR: What do you feel is the hardest part about your job? 

PH: The hardest part is not taking this stuff home with me and learning that my validation doesn't come from people. I need to give it to myself because the same people who are gonna validate me will also tear me down and if I take the validation and the praise, then I'll take that too. I'm kind of learning that with Power Book Two right now. They tearin’ me up. *laughs*

MR: Really? Well look. I’m Team Lauren. Effie, we coming for you. *laughs* 

MR: So are you dating right now? How is your love life? 

PH: It's boring. I’m not dating. There's nothing going on. 

MR: Why? You such a beautiful girl!

PH: I don’t know. I have no idea. Like it's really sad out here. Stop putting eyeballs in my DMs! 

MR: Right! You have to approach her like the lady that she is. 

PH: Yes! Like say hello. 

MR: Right! 2022, Paige is gonna have a man. Okay? 

PH: Speak it. 

MR: I'm manifesting it for you cause I'm manifesting it for myself. 

MR: So wait, would you do a celebrity dating show? 

PH: I would. You know I wanted to do The Bachelorette. 

MR: I think you would be great. Call her, Bachelorette! Call her! 

MR: Thank you so much for joining us. I truly appreciate you and [by] doing this interview and getting to know you more, it just makes me love you even more.

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Written by: Sage Reeds