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In case you missed it, CEO Milan Rouge recently took it all the way back to her elementary school, Morton McMichael School, to give a moving speech to 6th, 7th and 8th graders. 

Believing in the power of nurturing the next generation, the Philly native took to Instagram to share the ‘why’ behind her frequent school visits: 

“We gotta let our youth know that they are great. We gotta instill that in them. This is how they’ll operate in greatness. Before COVID, I used to visit different schools in Philly and talk to the students. I gotta do more of this. I think it’s so important for them to see the possibilities. If you have time to visit your old school or a school in your local area, try to do so. This is how we can pay it forward. We can really change the narrative because the children are our future.”

During the visit, Milan spoke about the power of dreaming, the power of self belief, and the power in knowing that all dreams have the potential to become reality. She was also accompanied by special guest speakers who spoke to the kids about mentorship and financial literacy. 

Before leaving, Milan gifted everyone with custom jerseys, Milano Di Rouge hats, notebooks, keychains and water bottles

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Whether you’re at home or away, never think that you’re not equipped to nurture the youth in your community. If you don’t have money, give time. If you don’t have time, donate. Here are 10 low and no-cost ways that you can give back and instill greatness in the youth:  
  1. Read to kids 
  2. Serve as a guest speaker at your elementary, middle and high school  
  3. Buy out a movie theater for kids to enjoy an inspiring and motivating film 
  4. Volunteer at local elementary, middle and high school  
  5. Sponsor hair appointments for kids fighting homelessness  
  6. Join a mentorship program  
  7. Sponsor a child’s homecoming and/or prom look 
  8. Host a back-to-school drive 
  9. Buy lunch from a local restaurant for teens in group homes  
  10. Host a toiletries drive for kids fighting homelessness 


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Written By: Sage Reeds