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Ok ladies, let’s talk. How is everyone doing? How’s quarantine treating you? Let’s consider not being able to get your nails, hair and other beauty services done. This is a reality many may not have been prepared for. Well sis, get some nail clippers and some gel and take control of this! We’re going to help. 


We all remember those at-home foot spa machines that we thought were a thing of the past, well, they come in handy now! Grab one of those and a warm bowl of water for your nails and turn your space into a nail salon. Don’t forget the top and base coats.


Now is the time to try all the natural hair styles you’ve been wanting to try, From braids to a quick blow out, you really can’t go wrong with flexing your natural hair muscles. If you prefer hair extensions, go in your weave bag and refresh your wig, try a ponytail, or attempt to create clip ins. Also, don’t sleep on hats and scarfs.


In place of massage, turn your bathroom into a spa and opt for a nice hot bath with all of the extras including epsom salt, bubble bath and candles. Grab some roses if you’re feeling romantic. Oh! Don’t forget the calming tunes.