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How To Make Your Dreams A Reality as a Dad

Here at Milano Di Rouge, we believe in celebrating amazing parents, and today, it’s all about you, Dad. For girls and boys, as well as men and women, having our fathers and father figures around is crucial. 

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Introducing: Milano's 30-Day Making Dreams Reality Challenge

Alright, dreamer. Now that a new month is finally here, how about we create some new habits and plans? Better yet, how about a new 30-day challenge that will help us execute those plans and make our biggest dreams reality?

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This interview is part of Milano’s Making Dreams Reality Series. Our MDR Series is all about highlighting extremely talented creatives who are bridging the gap between dreams and reality. 

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6 Respectful Holiday Clapbacks for Family & Friends Who Doubt You

Note: If you’re spending the holidays solo this year but want to be around loved ones, know that you’re not alone. Here are9 self-care tipsfrom those who have spent the holidays alone in the past and from those who are spending them alone this year. 

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