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Side hustling seems to be a trend these days, and we must admit: We love it! Whether you're in school and need a little extra cash, or you have a 9-5 that you want to transition out of, side hustling may just be your thing. See our tips below for how you can master it: 

Try To Maintain A Schedule
Use a weekly appointment calendar and give yourself 10-minute breaks in between each task to breathe! Don’t burn yourself out trying to do everything. Your health is your wealth!
Keep A Checklist
Write down everything. Write it in your phone, your planner, on your mirror, etc. Always be mindful of what needs to get done because regardless of what is going on, you make commitments, and it is important to meet them. 
Be Smart About Your Job Choices
Don’t have two jobs that are boring! For example, if your 9-5 is boring and not really your passion, your side hustle should be the passion. Always find a way to feed your dreams. Don’t get into an industry that you hate. 
Learn to Say “NO"
When managing both a full time job and a side hustle, you cannot allow people to waste your time. NO you cannot squeeze people in, NO you will not tolerate clients who are very late, NO you cannot go out every weekend. Setting up boundaries and priorities is important, and sometimes it involves saying NO to everyone.

Don’t Stop The Grind
I know you will have days of feeling like this is all too much, but suck it up and ride it out! The more you invest in your side hustle, the closer you get to it becoming your main hustle. 
Know When To Rest
Side hustles can be super draining at times, and whether the grind is always 1,000% or not, you need rest. Set limits with the number of jobs you take on. 

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