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This COVID-19 virus has us all messed up but we are definitely finding ways to adapt and make the best out of this situation. Which personality fits you the most? What’s your current quarantine mood?

The Workout Freak

  • We don’t know when we’ll be able to enjoy outside activities but you'll be ready
  • You haven't given up on your hot girl summer
  • You make smoothies every morning
  • You’ve got all the workout equipment you need at home
  • You're posting at-home workout videos and doing all the IG fitness challenges

The Chef

  • You’re at the grocery store every other day
  • You’ve already got some fire new recipes 
  • You've called family members asking for family recipes
  • You’re posting food pictures and videos
  • You’re having restaurant foodie withdrawals

The Sleep Queen

  • You’ve got your bonnet ready at all times
  • You never know what day it is or what time it is
  • You’ve been quiet, but you peep everything
  • You’re pretty much unbothered
  • You’re tired right now

The Workaholic

  • You’re doing a lot of overtime just because
  • You’ve already thought of new ideas to make money
  • You’ve signed up for every work-related webinar and course you could find
  • You still aren't replying to everyone or entertaining everyone
  • Your daily routine includes affirmations and podcasts

 The Social Media Maven

  • You’re always going live on IG
  • You know all the gossip and celebrity tea 
  • You’re doing all the IG and Tik-Tok challenges 
  • You’ve been posting tons of #TBT pictures and videos
  • You’re constantly trying to get your girls together for a zoom group call