These 3 Things Happen When You Shop With Small Businesses

(Also included is a list of 20+ businesses to support)         


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Take a few seconds to imagine your neighborhood without the corner store with the bomb snacks and the owner who always asks about your family, that one bar that gets you and the crew right every time, the restaurant that’s owned by that family who is always giving back to the community, and the barbershops, hair salons and nail shops that you’re more loyal to than anything. A neighborhood without them is a neighborhood without small businesses. 

This and every holiday season, many of us focus on spending all our coins with big brands and major retailers, forgetting all about the true drivers of the economy and the true builders of our communities: small businesses. That’s why today and every day, Milano Di Rouge challenges you to reserve half of your spending budget for shopping small because when you shop small, you make a big difference. Here’s how:  

You help to build up the community

When you support small/local businesses, your money goes toward supporting people who are more inclined to contribute to the livelihood of the community since it’s where they live and/or frequently visit. By shopping with them, you help improve the community.

You help make a dreamer’s dream a reality

For the most part, small businesses are run by entrepreneurs who had a dream, took the leap and never quit. When you shop with them, you’re helping to keep their dreams a reality, and this in turn can inspire you and others to do the same. 

You help strengthen the local economy

When you shop small/locally, your financial support helps business owners with opening other shops, providing additional products, and contributing to funds that can revitalize the neighborhood. This makes the area attractive for relocation, investment opportunities and job creation. 

Interested in shopping small but not sure where to start? We’ve hand-picked 20+ small businesses that are doing big things both in their local communities and beyond. Check them out and click to shop:

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Happy shopping and Happy Small Business Saturday, dreamer! 


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Written by: Sage Reeds