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Love can seem pretty evasive, mysterious and unidentifiable at times. However, let us reassure you: When you meet your match, you won’t have to think twice. Here are some foolproof ways to tell if he or she is really into you:

They Ask Questions

Curiosity is what makes it easy to get to know someone. They won’t be able to help the amount of questions that plague their mind about you. They may even surprise themselves.

They Make Eye Contact 

It is said that 93% of communication is nonverbal, and body language never lies. 

They Make Plans

This isn’t the person that will ‘wyd’ text you to death. They are eager to make real plans with you and will hit you with the already planned date looking for your availability.

They Come Close To You (Physically)

Chemistry can be like a magnet. Either it’ll bring you closer to someone or it’ll push you away.

They Are Easy To Communicate With 

No matter what their schedule looks like, they always make time for you. Even if they have to answer to tell you they are unavailable, they never want you to think they aren’t just a phone call or text away.