The truth is, some things are better worked on when you’re isolated. Not to mention, after meeting and marrying the love of your life (claim it), you’ll never get this time again. Take advantage of this time to pour all of your energy into the things that matter the most. This will help you to become the person you want to meet. Here are some examples of what you can pour your time into:

Religious Growth

The best time to dive deeper into your religious belief is when it’s just you and the other entity you believe in. Allocate some time to learn more about your religion or researching religions.

Personal Style

Try new things with your hair, nails, clothes, etc. Learn how you like to portray yourself to the world without any influence or opinions from other people or a significant other. Personal style is self expression.


Yes, you can always travel with bae, but nothing is easier than coordinating travel for one person. Take some solo trips and see how your experience changes.


If you want someone to be interested in you, you should be an interesting person. Dedicate time to finding new things you’re good at and new things you’d like to do in your free time.