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When times get tough, we need to stick together. In case you aren't sure how you can support your friends, family and neighbors, please review the list below from Michelle Obama herself. Select one thing or complete them all. Your help and dedication to your community is greatly appreciated.

  1. Contact local schools to sign up to volunteer. Do you have any teachers in your contacts? Ask them how you can help.
  2. Contact the parents you know and volunteer to give educational lessons or to read.
  3. Get online and find neighborhood groups that are assisting the higher risk communities.
  4. Offer to run errands for high risk family, friends, and neighbors.
  5. Call your local hospital, fire department, or police station and offer to purchase lunch from a local restaurant.
  6. Donate to restaurants providing free meals to families in need. 
  7. Buy gift certificates from local businesses and save them for later or use them as gifts to public servants.
  8. Make a donation to your local food bank.
  9. Make future appointments with your hair stylists and barbers.

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