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Ladies, it’s ok to ask for sex versus assuming a man is always in the mood and fellas, think twice before you think about asking a woman how many sexual partners she has had. Sex is something both genders encounter, yet some things are more permissible than others based on if you’re a male or female. Generally, men are praised for sexual contact and women are degraded for similar behaviors. Double standards are wack. We must hold ourselves accountable for dismantling them if we want to get to the root of real love. Here are two major things that we can do to combat sexual double standards:

Stop Using Sex-Related Insults

Words like ‘slut’, ’hoe’ and other derogatory terms further perpetuate sexual double standards. Someone should not be insulted for what they choose to do sexually. 

Don’t Pressure Sexual Encounters

We’ve all heard a man being asked, "You ain’t hit that, yet?" or something similar. No one should feel pressured to have sex. Enjoy developing relationships by setting your intentions and living in the moment.

Being able to live without belief in these sexual double standards will allow you to get to know someone for who they are versus what they have and/or have not done with their bodies.