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Quarantine and stay at home orders have affected us in more ways than one. While you may be used to taking a seat in your barber's chair every week, who knew protecting your health and the health of others would mean sacrificing your physical appearance? With stay at home order extensions coming in left and right, how long can you deal? Are you ready to try cutting your own hair? Here’s how to stay shaped up while social distancing:

Get The Right Tools

You’re going to need a regular clipper and maybe even an outliner blade for your lineup and beard. With so many options available, make sure to check reviews and text the group chat for suggestions if you don't already own a pair.

Decide Which Style You Want

Check out as many Youtube videos as you need to and head to IG for inspos. This is not something you want to just wing. Make sure you have an idea of the look you’re going for before diving in.

Create The Right Set Up

You are definitely going to need some dual mirror action. A wall mirror and a hand held mirror will do the trick. This will allow you to see what’s going on from all angles.

Cut In Your Bathroom

Your bathroom will most likely have the best light and will make for easy clean up. Lay a towel over the sink for even easier clean up.