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We always talk about the importance of self love, but achieving self love can sometimes feel like a big mystery. Self love is mandatory and it transcends gender, race or any other demographic. As men, loving yourself is the first step to starting a healthy family. Here are our do’s and don’ts: 

Do Forgive Yourself And Others

No need to hold on to pain or harbor negative feelings. It’s easier said than done but forgiveness makes room for love.

Don’t Regret Anything From Your Past 

Regretting your past just isn't fair to yourself. We are all continuously learning.

Do Allow Yourself To Grow And Evolve 

You are dynamic. You don’t have to stay the same. Don’t be afraid of "leaving people behind" or anything else that may be holding you back.

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

You never know what someone else is going through or what they've been through in the past. Make yourself your own competition.

Do Get To Know Yourself

Look at yourself in the mirror often and get real about your strengths and your weaknesses. 

Don’t Allow The Opinions Of Others To Interfere With Your Self Work

Live for yourself. Your happiness comes first.